Chicago Cubs Style – Day 4

What’s the best way to pay homage to Jake Arrieta’s latest no-hitter? Read on…

Celebrate the no-no in style, Cubbies fans! You may not be able to pull off 9 innings of offensive shut-down, but you’ll still look damn good. Maybe almost as good as this double play in the 6th… almost.

Today’s casual pairing is great for a more laid back office, like a tech start-up, complete with some boots and sunglasses from Chicago-area companies Oak Street Bootmakers and Drift Eyewear, respectively. I really enjoy discovering these smaller companies each time I start researching a new team, and I hope that sharing them can connect some fans with some quality local craftsmanship, while sporting some hometown pride. Speaking of which, the hat I selected sports an older version of the Cubs logo, and I absolutely love it. It just smacks of the team’s long history, and gives it a hand-me-down kind of look. As for the jeans, I tried to get them close to an away-grey color without choosing a chino or something dressier. Today is all about rugged Cubbie Comfort.

Like yesterday, I also included a little curse-breaker for your Wrigley enjoyment. The unassuming black wallet you see is, in fact, made of goatskin, so maybe bringing that along to your next home game will spark some good juju for your Cubs. If you’re unfamiliar with the curse of Murphy the Goat, pop over here to read up, and then enjoy the outfit I put together below!




grey jeans

Cubs hat

sunglasses from Drift Eyewear

goatskin wallet

boots from Oak Street Bootmakers


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