Chicago Cubs Style – Day 3

Today’s pairing is a bit more retro, as the trends lately have been leaning in that direction…

This type of outfit is great for a Saturday afternoon game, and if you throw on a cardigan it’s versatile enough to carry you through to the evening. However, if you include a blazer instead of a cardigan, you’d look chic enough for dinner and drinks after your Cubbies win! I paired wide leg pants with the tank top to give the look more structure, and chose the grey heather tank like I did with the last men’s selection – to reflect the old grey wool jerseys. If you wanted to, you could easily do some comfortable wedges with these pants, but I stuck with some simple sandals in Cubs blue. I also selected a wide brim hat in the same color for some relief from the sun, but didn’t go for a super wide floppy hat, as you can’t wear that to a game without blocking the view of the row behind you!

The adorable ring bears (ha!) a striking resemblance to the Cubbie’s logo, so that was a no-brainer, as was the ivy ear cuff. Now the bag, as simple as it seems, has a much deeper purpose than just a high-end purse. This Balenciaga beauty is made of… goatskin! If you’re drawing a blank, I’ll refresh your memory: the curse that Cubs fans believe was started against them dates back to 1945, when a fan and his pet goat were booted from the stadium. With this little bag, it’s your turn to try and break the curse by bringing goat back into Wrigley! Of course, if the idea of a goat leather offends you, I hunted down a tiny goat necklace that may do the trick as well! I credit one of my best friends, and endless source of baseball knowledge, for the idea – thanks HTG! 😉

WomensCubsOutfit02 Cubbies tank top

wide leg pants

blue wide brim hat

ivy ear cuff

bear ring

goatskin bag

sandals in blue



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