Chicago Cubs Style – Day 2

Today is another work-to-play outfit that you can layer during the day, and then Superman your button down shirt off to reveal even more Cubbies pride!

So I’ve done an interpretation of one of the Cubs’ travel uniforms – blue on top, grey bottoms, and red accents. However, the heathered grey I purposely chose for both the pants and hat are my nod to the old Cubbies uniforms, somewhat like this jersey. The work outfit is pretty self explanatory, but the key is to pack your flip flops and have your Wrigley tee underneath, so you can just strip off your workday as you make your way to the stadium. One more helpful tip to relax the look even more – roll the cuffs of those pants up ever so slightly, in a rumpled way, to complete the transition.

Enjoy the ensemble, which includes a tee, featuring the address of Wrigley Field, from the local company Chitown Clothing!

**Special baseball history note: it was exactly 100 years ago today that the Cubbies played their first game at Wrigley Field!!**

MensCubsOutfit01 dress shirt in bottle blue

red tie

brown belt

pants in light grey

work shoes


Wrigley tee from Chitown Clothing

leather flip flops




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  1. Yaaasssss. I love the nod to the old woolen unis. Plus, the work shoes to flip flops with rolled up trousers transition is perfection.

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