Boston Red Sox Style – Day 4!

Layer up, Sox fans, October is gonna be chilly!

I’m not trying to jinx you guys – I realize that you lot are even more superstitious than us Mets faithful, but you’re currently en route to the playoffs via a wildcard slot, so it’s best to prepare (also, I knocked on wood for ya). October in New England can be all kinds of sporadic – I recall spending a weekend on the Cape that was nearly 80 degrees, and I also remember early snow flurries around Halloween. That being said, today’s outfit is a lesson in layers.

Because it’s still the beginning of September, you can avoid busting out your North Face jacket (AKA the top half of the New England uniform), and go with a lighter option like the army jacket I paired in below. I had hoped to find a nice Red Sox sweater to work into this look, but was met only with ugly Christmas sweater options, so I stuck with a long sleeve tee in what looks to be a marled knit, for a little more texture than just a plain t-shirt. Also, if colder weather prevails, I would choose a thick denim jean, but I picked just a navy pant in the hopes of warmer temperatures. Alternately, if you’re not prepared for cold weather, you can always pop into one of the Dunkin Donuts inside of Fenway to stock up on warm drinks.

The rest of this Sox pairing is pretty logo-heavy – not my usual fare, but it’s done strategically. Sox socks won’t really be seen by anyone, but *you’ll* know that you’re wearing them, and I feel the team name kind of warrants them (even if they’re not red). The wallet is part of a collection that Coach released earlier this season, featuring fine leather goods for a smattering of MLB teams, and is a great everyday piece to have that tastefully features your team logo. It’s not an in-your-face show of team spirit, but it’s a fun flash of Boston pride that I really enjoy. The hat in this look was an intentional choice to break up all of the Boston ‘B’s in the rest of the pieces, and looks great against the green jacket. Of course I didn’t forget to whip in some local goods, and managed to hunt down a great wood-working artist from Boston who custom-makes belt buckles with geographical coordinates. Obviously, the right thing to do would be to order one with the coordinates of Fenway Park, because, if you’re a BoSox fan, I know that’s where your heart is from April through Autumn. I know a piece of mine will forever be in Boston – an incredible city full of wonderful people, whom I miss every single day 🙂


long sleeve Sox shirt



Red Sox cap

belt by Joyo

Sox socks

Sox wallet


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