Boston Red Sox Style – Day 3!

Apparently that Monster, eh, he wasn’t always so Green!

I only just learned today while filling up my brain with Sox history, that the massive 37 (37?!) foot tall wall wasn’t actually painted green until 1947. Before that point the behemoth was actually painted blue and was plastered with white ads, which makes me think of a little league field, just on a larger scale. One of my favorite parts is actually at the base of the Green Monster – there lies an enormous, old-fashioned scoreboard that takes 3 scorekeepers to constantly update throughout the course of the game. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to sit back there and not have a peek at the game by just popping your head out of one of the holes where a number goes!

Today’s pairing features another nod to the beloved green wall: a wallet made by a local Boston designer, which even has red thread to contrast the waxy, weathered looking leather. It just looked to me like somebody handmade Fenway itself into a stylish accessory. Love it! The outfit itself is my nod to the crucial art of layering as the New England weather quickly melts into autumn. This is a simple, but super cute way, to have your Bo Sox gear on under a work shirt, which makes it all the more simply to just Superman that sucker open after 5pm while you’re dashing to the ballpark. Also, I’m absolutely in love with the navy satin tuxedo pants from Anthropologie – leave it to them to take any stereotypically male piece of clothing and add the perfect amount of femininity to it.

I found a wonderful pair of earrings by another Boston designer to bring in some more team colors, and I even happened upon a great T token ring which brings a bit more local flair and fun into the whole look! The shoes, of course, are a solid, stacked heel, which are manageable enough for most to tackle stairs. But maybe stay away from Faneuil Hall in those – no heel can manage those cobblestones, in my experience!



Red Sox tee


Red Sox cap

T token ring

earrings by Laura Stark Designs

wallet by MonsterKim LeatherWare


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