Boston Red Sox Style – Day 1!

Good times never seemed so good…

I’m not above pandering with some Sweet Caroline lyrics! The song is regularly played in the 8th inning at Fenway (and, at several, wonderful, Boston-area weddings I’ve been to) as kind of way to rouse the fans, regardless of how the game is going. I had hoped to find a fun backstory as to why the Sox began playing it as games in 1998, but it seems the music programmer just enjoyed how it got the crowd going, and the song, understandably, stuck around. I’ve actually noticed several other teams adapting an 8th inning song in the past decade or two, and I love how it brings the stadium together. After all, who’s NOT going to sing along to Piano Man while at a Mets game?

I’m starting off the week of Red Sox pairings with a sweet, but practical look, that will work anywhere from the Cape to the cubicle. I realize the Sox don’t wear stripes, beyond their old red socks with white striping on them, but I felt this dress was too perfect to pass up, and ideal for the Summer-Fall transition. With a solid base of the team navy, it was only appropriate to start mixing in some red with a BoSox cap and coordinating, locally made, purse. The bag has almost an equestrian feel to it, which is perfect for the slightly preppier city of Boston. I always take a few minutes to reevaluate my packing when I travel there – it’s surprisingly different from California, and I tend to forget that!

I mixed in some local jewelry from some fabulously talented designers, who I’m now following closely with covetous intensity. I kept the earrings simple, as you don’t want to overwhelm your look while wearing a hat, and the ring is my homage to the Green Monster (the massive left field wall at Fenway). It’s almost comical how much green there is both in, and around Fenway Park, considering that it’s not technically a team color, and I felt it needed to be reflected in this outfit as well. A pair of aviators made in the Boston suburbs loosens up the look a bit, and, rather than heels, I paired in some gold flats with lots of lacing detail. Lacing and straps on shoes this Fall, kiddies, just putting that out there. As per usual, I stayed away from a stiletto heel, as I try to keep my pairings ballgame-friendly. Fenway is an oooold (amazing) park, and you don’t want to be navigating it in teeny tiny heels, trust me 😉



Red Sox cap

ring by Hannah Blount

earrings by Porcelain and Stone

sunglasses by Randolph USA

bag by Frank Clegg Leatherworks


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