Blue Jays Day 3

So today’s post is another assemblage of pieces from Toronto-based designers/manufacturers, including one that found me on Instagram…

I learned some more about the Blue Jays, including their top 6 players, and, that Toronto is referred to as ‘The 6’ because of the shared number in the two city area codes. These are the little details that I really enjoy discovering when reading up on teams. Beyond the history, knowing things like nicknames or superstitions gives me even more appreciation for the fan base. The blazer and bracelet are also from Toronto designers, and, of course, I threw in a maple leaf necklace and red shoes to reflect the rest of the Jays logo.

Just a side note – for anyone looking to dress up a baseball tee of any kind: put on a blazer! I can’t stress that enough. A simple bit of structure to a less glamorous tee can make a world of difference. As for the tee, I suggest going for a softer style, not like the stiff, thicker cotton type, and avoid huge logos and colors. If you can find a simple design, nothing too cartoony, and make sure it’s not wrinkled, a tee can be worked into an outfit for going out. Just be strategic about it, like the outfit below 😉

WomensBlueJaysOutfit02 Blue Jays tank

blazer by Smythe,  Toronto designer


hat by Loyal to a Tee, made in Toronto

maple leaf necklace

cuff bracelet by Jenny Bird, Toronto designer


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