Baltimore Orioles Style – Day 4!

Rock some local style, and show off your O face… your Orioles face, that is!

I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself after staring at dozens of O hats all week while covering these Baltimore birds. Of course, I had to include one with today’s outfit, as the script matched the writing on the team tee so well. The Orioles have always seemed to me like an older, storied team, maybe because their uniform design never appeared super modern to me, or possibly it’s because Camden Yards, while only built in 1992, has an intentionally vintage look, filled with bricks and nods to the past. This inspired me to chose the tee in a washed canvas color, with a print that looks like it was pulled from a 1950’s magazine ad. That, and the bright orange cartoon bird was definitely throwing my style game a bit.

Rather than going my usual, somewhat preppy route for the casual men’s look, I walked this tee over into the modern, touch-of-punk section. A pair of skinny black jeans with torn knees are right on trend right now, especially with the rolled cuff shown below. My typical instinct would be to pair these pants with a pair of boat shoes or loafers, but I came upon another great Baltimore-based company, 16sixteen, which prides their company on ‘new vintage’, and fell for some of their orange shoe laces. That’s when I began my hunt for a pair of boots whose style lay somewhere between Joey Ramone and J. Crew, and settled on what you see below, with orange laces edited in for your viewing pleasure. As This Sporting Life won me over with their vintagey pieces, namely their cigarette box cards of recent players (seriously, the Buck Showalter card made me guffaw – well done) I grabbed one of their great Orioles-colored keyfobs to add that extra dash of team pride. While relatively casual, the whole ensemble is planned out well enough to look put together, but, as always, I’d throw on a blazer or cardigan for a nicer occasion.

I’d wish you beautiful B-moreans good luck with the rest of your season, but it would appear you guys are already set with that 😉


Orioles shirt

ripped knee jeans

Orioles hat

key fob from This Sporting Life

orange laces from 16sixteen


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