Baltimore Orioles Style – Day 3!

Leather and lace go to Camden Yards…

I confess today’s outfit took me an extra day to work out, but only because I couldn’t find many pieces of team apparel that I felt were trendy. I usually do the latter two pairings of each team as a casual look incorporating a team top of some sort, but this week was definitely a struggle. Maybe someday I’ll have the time, energy, and talent to whip up something of my own, but for now, I’ll have to work with what MLB sells.

The tee I settled on is a slightly wider cut neck with cuffed sleeves, which I originally paired up with some leather pants, but it felt a little heavy for summer, so I took an extra day to rework the whole look. I managed to throw together something a bit more on-trend, with lace shorts and a leather jacket to add an easily-removable bit of edge. I tried to ensure the hardware on the jacket was a close enough match to the locally made jewelry, and grabbed some sandals in a similar shade of coppery gold. I tried to find a cute bird printed clutch in team colors, but everything clashed terribly. Rather than just dropping in an orange leather bag, I decided to weave (ha!) the straw texture of the hat further into the outfit with a similar bag, which I think managed to bring enough summery feeling into an otherwise dark look.

I wish I could have found a way to work in more local designers, like Byrdie, but hopefully I can figure out a way to be sure their awesome work gets even more recognition. In the meantime, strut your stuff down to the harbor in this posh pairing!



Orioles tee

leather jacket

lace shorts


earrings by Yummy And Company

bracelet by Maria Louise High




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