Atlanta Braves Style – Day 2!

If I could Turn-er back tiiime…

The Braves began their 2017 season in a SunTrust Park in the suburbs of Atlanta (and entire county away), after playing in their old park, Turner Field, for only 20 seasons. However, this stadium was originally built to house some of the 1996 Olympic games, and renamed after for the former owner of the Braves, Ted Turner. Ted, infamous for his outspoken opinions, garnered the nickname “mouth of the south”, and was known for being one of the more hands-on owners in the history of the game. At one of the team’s lower points, he even broke MLB protocol and became manager for a game, after sending away the current manager on a wild-goose chase dubbed a “scouting trip”. Funny enough, after easing off the control, the Braves gradually began to flourish and grow into the recurring NLDS champs of the 1990’s. Based on that, I guess you could say Ted Turner was a pretty successful owner… once he figured out to leave them well enough alone.

I admit, from what I read about Ted Turner, I actually really admire all the good he’s done outside the game of baseball, so I was inspired by his nickname to assemble a look with a decidedly southern flavor, but with a modern perspective. A combo of a chambray shirt and red pants are updated with the mandarin-style collar, the addition of suspenders, and, of course, some fantastic boots from one of Atlanta’s many talented leather artisans. Of course, the leather wallet and sunglasses are also locally-made, and topped off with some Braves accessories to finish off the ensemble with some stylish fan-flair – wear it well, guys!


chambray shirt


red pants

Braves cap

sunglasses by Peach State Pride

wallet by Klasii Brand

Braves socks

boots by Cord Shoes


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