Arizona Diamondbacks Style – Day 2!

You’ll never guess the mascot…

If you’re not a D-backs fan, you’re probably not aware of this, because I certainly wasn’t. The mascot for the Arizona Diamondbacks is, in fact, not a snake. My guess is that the organization couldn’t make a plushie snake costume that wouldn’t strike fear in the hearts of young fans, so they tossed around ideas for a while before settling on a bobcat. Because, you know, when I hear ‘Diamondbacks’ and see snakes in a logo, I think ‘adorable, furry wild cat’. The supposed logic behind the decision is that a player’s child suggested a bobcat as the stadium name, at the time, was known as Bank One Ballpark (or BOB). Clever, if only stadium names remained consistent, but, alas, that’s not the case with newer ballparks.

On to today’s pairing! I promised something cool and airy, and here it is! This is how you survive the desert climate comfortably, while repping your team with style. I realize the thought of white linen shirts generally evokes the cringe-inducing image of old Backstreet Boys videos, but there are ways, like below, to do it properly. The key to making this fabric not look messy is pairing it with a structured pair of shorts, of course in the team’s Sedona red. The shorts model is wearing sneakers with them, but I opted for a quality pair of leather flip flops. 110+ degree heat in closed-toe shoes just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. The grey of the hat is actually relatively close to the D-backs away uniforms. To my knowledge, they’re the only team in the MLB with this darker shade of away-greys, and when I saw them play at Wrigley earlier this year, I thought the sun was playing tricks on me! Strange choice, but most of their uniform options seem a little odd. I also mixed in a snakeskin style wallet in a similar grey, as an homage to the team name, and was fortunate to find an awesome, and local, leather-goods company to mix in a bracelet as well. Gives the look just a tiny bit of edge to balance out the linen, don’t ya think? 😉


MensDiamondbacksOutfit01 linen shirt


D-backs hat

leather bracelet by Bison

faux snakeskin wallet

leather sandals




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