Arizona Diamondbacks Style – Day 1!

Keeping it cool, but classy…

While I realize the D-backs play their games in a stadium with a retractable dome to keep the sun off the field, the rest of Phoenix isn’t under a giant source of shade. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to create an outfit that was airy enough to survive the outdoors, long enough to feel comfortable sitting at a ballgame, and stylish enough that it would look at home out at dinner afterwards. I found a handful of Arizona designers for this week’s pairings, and was fortunate that Hues of Ego created the perfect shirt-dress for me to feature. It’s light enough for even the desert heat, would look great with the sleeves rolled up at the park, and still is classy enough (sans the hat) for an evening out. 

As the mandarin collar reminded me of old baseball uniforms, I included a cadet-style cap to continue the vibe. You may also notice my subtle (snakeskin style sandals) and not so subtle (spangled snake ring) references to the team name, as well as a hint of their teal in the earrings by Jewel Ya. Keep cool out there, Diamondbacks fans, and I’ll bring you more fan goodies tomorrow!

WomensDiamondbacksOutfit01 dress by Hues of Ego

D-backs hat

earrings by Jewel Ya






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