A Brief History of the Seattle Mariners!

We’re taking it to the Pacific Northwest this week, so prep your Patagonia parkas!

The Seattle Mariners began as an expansion team back in the 1977 season, several years after the Seattle Pilots were relocated to Milwaukee (see last week’s coverage for that). The city of Seattle had built a stadium, the Kingdome, with the hopes of a team’s return after the Pilots left after one season, and fortunately it only took a few years (and a lawsuit) for the MLB to catch up. Like so many teams in their infancy, the Mariners struggled with mostly losing seasons until they upended things a bit with a rebranding and new manager for the 1993 season.

Now, I don’t know that I’ve discussed him yet, but I need to delve a bit into the wonder that is Lou Pinella. Lou was the new manager the Mariners brought on for the 93 season, and he definitely brought a certain… vivacity that the team was lacking. To put it bluntly, Pinella is the iconic manager arguing with and ump, stomping around, and literally jumping on his own hat in fury. I just assume that every cartoon version of a baseball manager from this point on will be loosely depicting him, because he was exactly that – a character.

Coupled with Pinella’s fire and an incredible talent in Ken Griffey Jr., the team finally found their way out of the bottom ranks, and won the AL West a few times, but has yet to make it to a World Series. However, they’re within reach of reaching the postseason this year via Wild Card, so let’s cheer em on sporting some stylish Mariners fandom!

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