A Brief History of the Minnesota Twins!

Thus begins two weeks of Washington baseball coverage!

Quoi, you say? Well hear me out, there’s a method to (at least some of) my madness.

The Minnesota Twins were actually the Washington Senators baseball team from their inception in 1901 until they started anew in the Midwest in 1961. Oh, and the next team on my schedule to cover is the Nationals, so there’s your two weeks of ‘Washington’ 😉 You may not hear much about the Twins 60-year stint on the east coast, and that’s probably because it wasn’t terribly remarkable. They managed to eek out one World Series title in 1924, but beyond that were generally pretty mediocre, even comically poor at times. So much so, in fact, the team was the basis for the musical Damn Yankees.

After their move to Minnesota, the team name changed to reflect the Twin Cities they now played in – hence those two dudes in the scoreboard logo pictured above. One from each city, but only one team to rule them all. I confess the only name I recognize from the next two decades of Twins history is Rod Carrew, but even without a bevy of talent, the team still managed a handful of division wins before their move into the Metrodome in 1982. It only a few years later that a powerhouse of a team took hold in Minnesota, including possibly the best Twin to ever play, the great Kirby Puckett. The Twins wrangled two more World Series titles in 1987 and 1991, but, besides winning the Central Division in 2009 and 2010, have kept relatively quiet. Unfortunately, this season doesn’t seem to be shaping up well for them, either, as they currently stand with a record of 23-49, but hey, it’s not even the All Star break yet, which means there’s still more than half a season to go. Plenty of time to shape up and wake up the team!

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