A Brief History of the Milwaukee Brewers!

A franchise named for, and created around the beer brewing industry… I can get behind that.

The Milwaukee Brewers began in the American League back in 1969, but played their first year as the Seattle Pilots. A week before their 1970 season, the team was moved to Milwaukee so abruptly, that there wasn’t even proper time to create new uniforms. Instead, the Pilots logo was removed, and a Brewers logo stitched on, but apparently the silhouette of the old logo was still slightly visible. The newly relocated team adopted the mascot of the minor league Brewers team: the Beer Barrel Man, who was quite literally a man with a barrel for a torso. Love it! Also, the Brewer’s road uniforms, from 1970 through the mid 80’s, were powder blue, rather than the usual away-grey. I thought perhaps this was the first team to try the powder blues out, but apparently there’s quite a history.

The Brewers, like so many new teams, struggled in their first years, and didn’t have a winning season until 1978, though they did bring in legend Hank Aaron in the 1974 season. The team kept at it, though, and eventually, lead by players like Paul Molitor, Robin Yount, and Rollie Fingers (yes that’s totally his real name), fought their way to a World Series in 1982. The Brewers took the series all the way to game 7, where the Cardinals finally toppled them.¬†This loss spawned¬†a bit of a long-term rivalry, at least from Milwaukee’s perspective, as the Cards also ousted them in the NLDS of 2011 (National League Division Series – the best of the National League duke it out to see who gets to the World Series). As a Mets fan, I can sympathize with that plight.

The past several years the Brew Crew, playing at aptly-named Miller Park, have been lead by the likes of Ryan Braun, but have continued to suffer the same fluctuation in wins. Here’s hoping some fan fashion will buck them up quicker than you can say “Rollie Fingers’ mustache“!

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