A Brief History of the Miami Marlins!

Take a good, long look at that image, because that thing actually exists…

The worst part is, that’s not even the entire ‘art installation’ at Marlins Park. Let me start from the beginning… The Florida Marlins were created as an expansion team in 1993 along with the Colorado Rockies, during what I like to refer to as the Charlotte Hornets Era. Totally different sport, I realize, but it was the time when teal and purple were the absolute pinnacle of cool (at least with school kids) and hence Hornets jackets were the item to score. I assume it was the same trend in colors that lead the MLB to make the Rockies purple and black, and the Marlins teal and orange, and it absolutely worked, because the Fish won my heart for their first season of existence. I could also make the educated guess that they chose orange and teal because it matched the Miami Dolphins, but since I’m kind of a baseball fashion site – I’m going off of trends.

The Marlins actually shared Hard Rock Stadium with the Miami Dolphins for close to two decades, which made for amusing early-season football games complete with yard markers on base-paths. The team actually made it into the playoffs in 1997 after winning the Wild Card, and then proceeded to win their first World Series only a few years after their creation! The ’97 team was lead by great pitchers Al Leiter (future popular Met), Livan Hernandez, and stellar infielders Edgar Renteria at shortstop, and Luis Castillo at second base.

Now, generally when a team wins a World Series, or even has a great playoff run, they try to prolong the greatness into the next season by retaining a similar lineup. Sadly, this is where the Marlins organization flaunts their ineptitude. Rather than keeping the players who fought their way to a World Series win, the Marlins essentially liquidated the team to the highest bidders, to compensate for alleged financial loses, leaving the team devastated and unfamiliar to fans. It wasn’t until 2003, after several awful seasons, that the Marlins managed to cobble a quality team back together and take another World Series win – their last one to date.

The Florida Marlins were rebranded as the Miami Marlins in 2012, and moved into their current home in little Havana, in, what I can charitably call, the loudest stadium in existence. And I’m not referring to the fans. The new park cost a ridiculous amount of money, and features the afore-mentioned (and pictured) 75-foot tall monstrosity/sculpture that many claim cost more than their lineup of 2013. Thanks for that, Jeffery Loria – way to allocate your funds… To your friends… AGAIN.

This week, I hope to bring a bit more class to the Marlins than their terrible owner has allotted them, because honestly, they deserve better 😉

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