A Brief History of the Arizona Diamondbacks!

We’re talkin REALLY brief, kids, so don’t get comfortable…

The Arizona Diamondbacks are one of the two newest teams in baseball, starting back in 1998 with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (shortened to just the ‘Rays’ later). Now, you may argue that the Washington Nationals are younger, having started back in 2005, but technically they were the Montreal Expos beforehand and were just relocated and re-branded. You with me on that? Okay, good. So the D-backs were birthed in Phoenix, donning a mix of colors their two expansion predecessors, the Marlins and Rockies, were known for: teal and purple. Quite the statement for anyone but the Charlotte Hornets, really. The team stuck with these garish getups until a new design was announced after the 2006 season, swapping over to a deep ‘Sedona’ red and black, with sand and teal highlights. Slight improvement, until you see what they’ve done with the uniforms…

As per the team itself, the D-backs fared surprisingly well for a young franchise, and they’ve racked up 5 NL West titles, and even a World Series title! There are several other teams I’ve covered thus far that have existed for 50+ years without that accomplishment, so it’s honestly rather impressive. The two key players leading the Diamondbacks to that title were Luis Gonzalez, a power-hitting left fielder, and Randy Johnson, an incredibly dominant pitcher who you may know for accidentally¬†exploding an unsuspecting bird. Yup, that’s real.

Sadly it seems as though the D-backs aren’t playing quite up to snuff this season, so maybe we can rouse them from their Valley Fever (yes, that’s also a thing – common in the desert). Stick around for some fan-worthy fashion that can beat the heat!

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